Baby Shower

A new addition to the family is a special event for family and friends to celebrate.

To help you facilitate and entertain at your baby shower event, we offer our services to Baby Shower events.

If the mum-to-be is a bit of a Disney-Adult and loves princesses we're perfect! A princess party works just as well for a group of adults -- sometimes even better than with kids! 

A Princess Party for adults - how does it work? Honestly? A party for adults isn't much different from a kids party except that everyone is WAY more into it. The people attending are more receptive, and are willing to give everything a go. They hang onto every single word a character says! We do all the usual activities and it just seems like pure escapism for some adults.

We treat it like any other party, stay in character and make sure you have the best time and I promise that you’ll end up being surprised by how much you love it.

Are you looking for a more traditional Baby Shower itinerary? How many times have you been the host of a baby shower and felt as though you’d rather be a part of the games and festivities? Yes, most hosts just grin and bear it, but come on! You deserve better. The baby shower can be a lot of fun if you let us host the event! Simply prepare the activities, and give us a run-down on how you'd like it to run!

Note: For performer safety, solo performers are unavailable for Adult events.

Available Itineraries

30 Minutes