Base quote ($450) valid for up to 15 kids in Lockyer Valley. Includes 1 Host and 1 Mascot.


Upgrade your Host into a Face Character for only $50!

Our Mascot experience is suitable for all ages!

1 Mascot Experience - Lockyer Valley

  • At minimum, the equipment that performers bring for a 30 minute itinerary includes a portable speaker, phone for photos and music, a polaroid camera and magnetic photo frames.

  • Our Mascot Mingle run like a personal Meet & Greet experience that you'd encounter at your favourite Theme Park!

    Here's an example of how your event may go!
    0:00 Your Mascot and Host enter the party area with your character's Theme Music
    0:00-5:00: Your host introduces the birthday child and their friends to the Mascot for a gentle mix and mingle.
    5:00-20:00: Let's play games! Game examples are Musical Statues, Simon Says and Nursery Rhymes with actions.
    20:00-30:00: Photo time with your Mascot friend with souvenir magnets!